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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In order to be able to offer you the highest quality services so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest, there are a series of general conditions and terms that must be met if you rent a vehicle with us.

1. Drivers:
The minimum age to drive a rental car is 18 years and a minimum experience of 1 years is required. In the case of not meeting one of these two conditions, there is the possibility of contracting a complementary insurance for a value of €11 per day. The car may only be driven by persons duly accredited in the contract. Otherwise, the insurance, or insurance contracted, will lose its validity.

2. Online payment:
The client has the option of paying the rent online through our website, in this case, they will obtain the discount that appears in the offer of the month. Debit and credit cards are accepted for payments on the web.

3. Reservations:
. Book online and take advantage of the discount. Direct without intermediaries, on our website

4. Additional drivers:
Each additional driver is €4 per day.

5. Cancellations:
There is no charge for the modification or cancellation of reservations, 24 hours in advance.
In the event that the client, once rented, decides to return the car before the end of the contract, the rental company will not return any amount in cash or make a refund on the charge card.

6. What do our rates include?
The final price includes: rental price, airport taxes, taxes, unlimited mileage, full insurance. There is nothing else to add, except the extras you select. No account or card withholding is required, unless you choose the Basic Pack.

7. Comprehensive insurance without excess or with excess:
In our prices we have three insurance options to hire.

-1º Basic Pack: which includes all-risk insurance with excess that goes from €950 to €1,250 depending on the group rented. The deductible or deposits will always require a credit card.
-2nd Standard Pack: Includes all-risk insurance without excess. Does not include roadside assistance. No amount is withheld. It has a refueling fee of €30. It does not have roadside assistance.
-3rd Premium Pack: Includes comprehensive insurance without excess and unrestricted roadside service. No amount is withheld.
7.1 Not included in ANY insurance:
They are not included under any circumstances.
- Damage caused to the vehicle or to third parties due to negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol or any drug and/or reckless driving.
- Damage caused by driving on poorly paved roads
- Refueling with incorrect fuel.
- Loss or breakage of keys.
- Damages caused in locks or inside the vehicle.
- Damage to the underside of the car.
-Misuse, negligence and/or additional damage to the tire and/or rim due to continuing to drive in the event of a puncture.
- Damages due to misuse of the clutch.
- Damage, loss or theft of accessories belonging to the vehicle (such as antenna, jack, windshield wiper, tank cover, tray, triangles, vests, child seats, etc.) or property of the lessee.
8. Theft inside the vehicle:
In no case does the insurance cover the theft of objects inside the vehicle.

9. Car key:
The loss, breakage or misuse of the car key is not covered by any insurance, so if during the rental period you lose, break or misuse the key, you must pay €350 upon delivery of the new key , and if you want it at home, a charge of €1.8 per km will be added. from our central office in Palma, round trip.

10. Fuel:
The wrong refueling has a charge of €350 regardless of the insurance pack contracted, plus towing costs. The cars will always be delivered full.
12. Documentation to present:
Valid driver's license and ID as well as debit or credit card.

13. Fines:
All fines will be borne by the main driver of the car, and €50 will be charged for each resource, or identification of the driver.

14. Car model:
Delivery of a car model cannot be guaranteed. The cars are reserved by group, not by model (except guaranteed models).

15. Delivery of the car:
The delivery of your car will be made at the address indicated in the reservation, including any address in Mallorca, and the deliveries at the Airport will be made on the 6th floor of the car park on calle H/H.

16. Signing of the contract:
By signing the contract, the client declares to have read and accepted the conditions set forth on this page.

17. Return of the car:
Returning the car to a place other than the one indicated in the contract, unless otherwise indicated in writing by the customer, has a minimum cost of €50, plus €60 per day until the location of the vehicle.

18. Contract cancellations:
The company will not make any monetary refund, if the client decides to return the car before expire the contract.

19. Contract extensions:
They must be done with a minimum of 48 hours before the end of the contract, otherwise the contract will be terminated.

20. Company:
The company reserves the right to cancel the delivery of the reserved car, if it understands, or there are doubts about the client's financial capacity, presents symptoms of drunkenness, being under the influence of drugs or presenting obvious symptoms of incapacity to drive, due to a history of or negative reports held by the rental company.

21. Payment of rent:
Payment will be made either in advance or upon delivery of the car. All credit and debit cards are accepted except American Express and Dinners. Prepaid or virtual cards are not accepted.

22. Contact:
You can contact us by:

Office phone: 871032520
WhatsApp: 658 198 481
Mobile 658 198 481

23. Express deliveries:
Express delivery, which costs €10, guarantees preferential treatment for car delivery with a maximum wait of 20 minutes. Except in the Premium Pack that is included in the price.

24. Accident report:
The preparation, follow-up and conclusion of an accident report has a cost of €50.

25. Non-Smoking Cars:
All our cars are Non-Smoking cars. Smoking is prohibited in our cars.
In the case of detecting that the client has smoked in the car, a charge of €150 will be applied for cleaning.

26. Cancellation insurance:
Hiring this cancellation insurance, €5 per reservation, you will receive 100% of the amount paid, being able to cancel, in writing, at any time up to one hour before the delivery of the car

27. Return once the contract expires:
In the case of returning the car, once the contract has expired, and after the courtesy half hour (30 minutes), the client must pay a penalty of €50 plus one day's rental, until the car is recovered.

28. Puncture:
In the case of suffering a puncture and having contracted all-risk insurance, the client will not pay for the repair, but must replace the damaged wheel by their own means.

KEY'N GO New delivery service at the airport without the need to go through the counter. You will find your car with the keys inside and the rental agreement.

29. Charges for dirt or poor condition inside the vehicle at the time of return.
Cleaning for normal use of the vehicle is included in your contract, however, if the car is delivered in a state of excessive dirt, bad smell, or other damage caused by misuse or neglect that requires additional cleaning or repair of the vehicle will be charged separately without being included in any of our insurance packages, the degree of dirt / misuse of the vehicle is specified as follows:
0-Normal use of the vehicle: no additional charges will be made for use or for minimal dirt.
1-Mild cleaning: When extra vacuuming or washing is required due to poor condition of the vehicle, presence of sand, earth, mud, food waste or packaging... €50 WILL BE CHARGED.
2-Special cleaning: When a special cleaning is required derived from stains that cannot be washed with a normal cleaning cycle and/or could harm the immediate use of the vehicle by the next user. Smell of tobacco or presence of ashes, pet hair, stains on the upholstery, saltpeter on the seats... €150 WILL BE CHARGED
3-Cleaning of baby/booster seats: Stains from feces, vomit, porridge, abundant general dirt. €50 WILL BE CHARGED
30. Travel between islands
It is not allowed to leave Mallorca in any case nor the maritime transport of the rented vehicle, in the case of wanting to travel, the company must issue a boarding certificate at a cost of €70.

31. Claims on the vehicle.
Any complaint or claim must always be reported within 24 hours after taking the vehicle, that is, claims made after this period of time have elapsed will not be addressed.

32. Data protection guarantee.
  Guarantee of privacy and security of your data. MALLORCAR respects the privacy of its clients, which is why it does not sell or pass on confidential information to third parties.

By legal regulations it is mandatory to leave the rental data visible on the dashboard: model, license plate, rental period and contract number. If this information is not visible, the client must assume the possible sanction, including management expenses.

34. Contract signing.
Upon signing the rental contract, the lessee authorizes Son Oms Rent A Car. to charge his credit card for extra concepts such as: traffic fines, removal of the vehicle by tow truck, damages not covered by insurance, missing items in the vehicle, extensions, hourly supplements, fuel, Damage caused to the vehicle and to third parties due to driving intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, due to negligent use or by an unauthorized driver, etc.

35-Cancellations and no show.
After 3 hours from the scheduled delivery time in the reservation without the client having picked up his vehicle, the supplier company will declare the reservation as no-show and release the reserved vehicle. Cancellations received within a period of less than 2 hours will also be considered a no-show. Both no-shows and cancellations less than two hours in advance must pay 100% of the value of the reservation to cover operating costs and lost profits.

  Any extension of a current reservation is subject to confirmation of availability and price by the supplier company.
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