General conditions

1, Drivers:

The minimum age to drive a rental car is 25 years and a minimum experience of 3 years is required. In the case of not meeting one of these two conditions, there is the possibility of hiring a supplementary insurance worth € 11 per day. The car can only be driven by the persons duly accredited in the contract. Otherwise, the insurance or contracted insurance will lose its validity.

2, Online payment:

The customer has the option to pay the rent online through our website, in this case, there is a discount anuonced in the web

3, Reservations:

Reservations with more than three months notice must be paid at the time of booking to benefit from the price.

4, Additional drivers:

Each additional driver cost 4€ by day.

5, Cancellations:

There is no charge for the modification or cancellation of reservations, 48 hours in advance.
In the event that the client decides to return the car before the end of the contract, the rental company will not return any amount in cash or will return the charge card.

6, That include our rates:

In the final price is included: rental price, airport taxes, taxes, unlimited mileage, full insurance for car and occupants.

7, Super CDW and CDW. T:

In our prices we have 3 option form the insurance coveage

1º PACK BASIC. This price included a full insurance with excess. In this case we need a deposit or fee starting from 950€ antil 1.250€ dependin car and model

2º PACK STANDARD This includes a full insurance without deposit required. Not included road assistance

3º PACK PREMIUM. This includes a full insurance without excess and road assistance

8, Theft inside the vehicle:

In no case does the insurance cover the theft of objects inside the vehicle.

9, Car key:

The loss, breakage or misuse of the car key is not covered by any insurance, so that if during the rental period you lose, break or give misuse key, must pay € 250 to the deliery of the new key and if he wants to address a charge of € 1.8 km will be added. from our head Office in Palma and back.

10, Fuel:

The wrong refueling has a charge of  300€ plus the cost of crane. The cars will be delivered always 1/4 full and fill your responsibility. If the customer does not indicate otherwise the car will be delivered 1/4 and returned empty unless the customer want the car full in this case if returned full refund will be made.

11, GPS:

There is the possibility of renting a GPS navigator at the price of 6.5 €. A deposit of 150 € is required.

12, Documentation:

Driving license and DNI in force

13, Fines:

All fines will be charged to the main driver of the car, and charged 50€for each identification

14, Car model:

We can not guarantee the delivery of a car model. The cars are reserved by group, 

15, Delivery of the car:

The delivery of your car will be in the direction indicated on the reservation, including any address in Mallorca, and deliveries will be made at the airport on the fourth floor of the parking area H / H

16, Signature of the contract:

By signing the contract, the customer declares to have read and accepted the conditions set out on this page

17, Returning car:

Return car somewhere else other than indicating the contract, unless otherwise stated in writing the client has a minimum cost of € 50, € 60 per day more to the location of the vehicle.

18, Cancellation of contract:

The company does not undertake any monetary return, if the customer decides to return before the expiry of the contract.

19, Contract extensions:

They should do a minimum of 24 before the end of the contract, otherwise the contract will give up.

20, Company:

The company reserves the right to cancel the delivery of the car reserved, if you know, or there are doubts about the ability of the client FINANCIAL, for backgrounds or negative reports held by the rental company.

21, Payment of rent:

PAYMENT will be made either in advance or on delivery of the car. ALL CREDIT CARD / debit accepted except American Express and Diners. Payment is accepted in cash

22, Contact:

You can contact us by:

23, :

The elaboration, follow-up and conclusion of an accident report has a cost of € 50.

25, non smoker cars:

In the case of detecting that the client has smoked in the car, NON-SMOKING CARS will apply a charge of € 50 for cleaning% of the amount paid the same day, being able to cancel at any time.

26, covid-19 cancelation insurance:

By contracting this cancellation insurance, € 3 per reservation, you will receive 100% of the amount paid , being able to cancel at any time.


In the case of returning the car once the contract has expired, and after the courtesy half hour (30 minutes), the client must pay a penalty of € 50 plus a day's rental, until the car is recovered

28, :